A Precious Child is more than a Resource Center; it is a one-stop-shop for families in crisis to receive the goods, opportunities and resources they need, including clinical case management. These additional resources provide more than a bandage of services; they provide the foundation families require to become empowered to achieve their full potential, for children to grow up to be a secure, self-reliant, contributing member of their community.

Fortunately, breaking the poverty cycle is possible when families can access the resources and support they need. Since 2008, A Precious Child has aided more than 382,000 children throughout the Denver Metro eight-county area, helping families begin the path to becoming self-sustaining and end multigenerational poverty.

Through five Cradle to Career Initiatives and eleven programs, A Precious Child provides basic essentials to children challenged by poverty, abuse, neglect, or crisis situations with resource navigation and case management services, as well as basic essentials including clothing, diapers, formula, coats, food, shoes, hygiene items, school supplies, gifts for the holidays, mentoring, workforce development, educational opportunities and access to extracurricular activities that are often not available to children faced with their family’s economic hardship and other difficult life challenges.

In 2021, A Precious Child provided 48,514 economically disadvantaged children with basic essentials alongside 6,015 of their caregivers who received wrap-around services such as translation services, housing opportunities, shelter assistance, food pantry access, and detailed case management services with referrals to the community.