Upcoming Connect and Collaborate Guests for May 2-6

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May 2 – Doug Krug – Institute for Unlearning
Doug has built a career helping leaders find the solutions they need to effectively motivate the people around them. We will talk about what makes a leader. Hint, it’s not the job title. Tune in for his common sense approach to solution finding and be inspired! 

May 3 – Bernadette Johnson - Ponderosa Energy
Ponderosa Energy is a boutique advisory firm providing information about energy, gas and renewables. As managing partner, Bernadette Johnson helps companies leverage state of the art analytical tools to advise on investment strategies. We will discuss how Denver-based oil producers can grow in the current market, the impact of the oil market, and even get into mineral rights.

May 4 –  Chuck Blakeman - 3 to 5 Club and Crankset Group
Founder of Crankset Group, Author and Speaker, Chuck Blakeman has decades of experience leading companies in marketing, import/ export fulfillment and much more. We will discuss his 3 to 5 club, which helps business leaders focus on where they want to be in the next three to five years. 3 to 5 Club is looking for local facilitators. Tune in to learn more.

May 5 – Sandra Solin – The Fix Colorado Roads Act
As the legislative session approaches it's close, Fix Colorado Roads is still hoping for progress. SB 16-210 asks the state to combine a new, stable general fund investment in transportation infrastructure with a continued CDOT commitment  to fund a $3.5 billion Fix Colorado Roads bond progam. Sandra Solin will explain how it will work and define the need. Be ready to call your legislator. 

May 6 – Peter Moore – VITAL for Colorado
Peter Moore joins us to discuss ballot issues that target oil and gas production in the state of Colorado.