Next week's line up on Connect and Collaborate (June 6-10, 2016)

June 6 –  Doug Krug – Institute for Unlearning
Doug has built a career helping leaders find the solutions they need to effectively motivate the people around them. We will talk about unlearning habits that hinder leadership and more. 

June 7 – Elise Van Dyne, Colorado Maker Hub

Elise Van Dyne, who runs the Colorado Maker Hub, joins us along with two designers/ entrepreneurs who will be displaying their work at the upcoming Makers Faire June 11 and 12 at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

June 8 – Chancellor Mike Martin, Colorado State University
Chancellor Mike Martin of CSU talks about the Hispanic Higher Education Attainment Gap: how it impacts the success of the Hispanic community, the challenges and solutions for better education.

June 9 – Edgar Johansson, Colorado Space Business Roundtable  
The President of the Colorado Space Business Roundtable introduces us to major players in our state’s thriving aerospace industry.

June 10 – Greg Bashaw, Colorado MicroBusiness Alliance  
Greg introduces us to Adam Melnick, Chief Entrepreneurship Officer and General Counsel for Colorado Lending Source. Colorado Lending Source has loaned more than $4 million to Colorado small business owners. They use unique “character based” criteria for assessing an applicant’s credit worthiness. Colorado Lending Source also provides the famous Ice House Entrepreneurship training.