Next week on Connect and Collaborate (July 4-8)

July 4 – Emily Schromm – Unleashed Fitness
Find out how to incorporate fitness into your workplace, to build a better business. Healthy employees are happy, productive employees. In addition to Emily’s thriving fitness training enterprise, she is also an inventor and entrepreneur. We will talk about her experience moving her idea from prototype to manufacturing a quality product locally. 

July 5 – Doug Krug – Institute for Unlearning  
Doug Krug and Christine Kahane, Resultants from the Institute for Unlearning, help leaders find solutions to effectively motivate the people around them. We'll talk about Leading Change without Resistance: The psychology beyond resistance.

July 6 – Rick Barrera – Heart Led Leadership
Rick Barrera joins us to share his network of incredible leaders and speakers from the Center for Heart Led Leadership. His guest is Dr. Tony Alessandra, Founder and CVO of Assessments 24X7. Tune in and find out how to receive a free e-book, People Smart in Business. 

July 7 Meg Sagaria-Barritt – Poverty Hack-a-Thon
For the second year in a row, the Posner Center for International Development is bringing together Posner organizations, the Colorado international development community, entrepreneurs, members of the tech community, and educators to create collaborative, innovative solutions to international development challenges faced by Posner Center Tenants. We’ll talk with Meg Sagaria-Barrit about the event coming up July 10-12.

July 8 - Owen Loftus – Colorado Priority  
Colorado is one of the fastest growing states with one of the best economies in the country, yet falls behind in funding for education and transportation, and fails to meet the growing demand for mental health services and senior services. We will talk with Owen Loftus of Colorado Priority about a proposal to allow Colorado to keep and invest funds into education, including pre-school through twelfth grade education, vocational education and higher education, as well as transportation and other projects.