First Week of Expanded Show Recalls Past Favorite Moments

As you may have heard, on-line or on air, Connect and Collaborate has expanded from one show per week to five. Shift your dial to its new slot and station, Denver's Money Talk 1690 AM from 4-5 p.m. Monday through Friday to listen as our founder Gayle Dendinger, President Jeff Wasden and producer Tammy Schmidt meet an array of rotating sponsor hosts each with their own guests.

Hosts this week included Mark Alpert, South Metro Denver Chamber discussing workforce and education statewide; Garrett Bussiere with CereScan brain scan imaging on their presence at Super Bowl 50; Peter Moore of Vital for Colorado's advocacy for responsible oil and natural gas development; and Phil McKinney, an innovator speaking about hacking autism, i.e. creating technology to improve work and school for those on the autism spectrum. Podcasts are available here.

When it comes to producing Connect and Collaborate Radio, Tammy says, "I love it when we have a good laugh, or when the subject matter has the potential to really help people." She then recalled her favorite moments from past shows: "Our Brave Leader interview with Scott Gessler talking about his reputation as the Honey Badger was delightful to me. And our interviews with Denver DA Mitch Morrissey talking about stopping sex trafficking, the Title IX Working Program, and Denver's DNA Database are all very poignant to me." With this expanded time slot and plethora of guest sponsor hosts, we expect the list of favorite moments to grow very quickly.

Next Week on Connect and Collaborate Radio
4-5 p.m. Monday through Friday on Denver's Money Talk 1690 AM (listen live by clicking the black button at the top of the page)

Monday, Feb 8 - Pat Maley, Vistage
Tuesday, Feb 9 - Joe Neguse and Rebecca Laurie, Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA)
Wednesday, Feb 10 - Reeves Brown, Building a Better Colorado
Thursday, Feb 11 - Edgar Johansson, Colorado Space Business Roundtable
Friday, Feb 12 - Kevin Hougen, Aurora Chamber of Commerce