Doug Krug and the Power of unLearning

Institute for Unlearning Doug Krug Christine Kahane

Doug Krug has grown his career by helping executive teams find leadership solutions. He is joined today by his partner in creating the Institute for unLearning, Christine Kahane.

They believe that people have learned how to, or have been conditioned to, cause stress through extreme effort. Their goal is to guide people in better understanding how to have more of the results they want with far less stress and effort.

They believe that the all of the answers we will ever need are already within us and available, once we ask the right questions.


Today, Doug and Christine will be taking live questions today from 4-5pm Mountain Time at:




as well as by comment online at our facebook page: 

Tune in and listen to his unique approach for leading change without resistance - today at 4:00 on Denver's Money Talk 1690 AM. 

As a bonus gift for our listeners, Doug and Christine have offered to share this Leading Change Without Resistance PDF as a give-away for our radio & podcast audience:

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