Connect & Collaborate Hosts October 3–7, 2016

October 3 – Doug Krug & Christine Kahane – Institute for Unlearning
Doug and Christine, Resultants from the Institute for Unlearning, help leaders find solutions to effectively motivated their teams. We’ll continue a series on Leading Change without Resistance. 

October 4 – Sirine Swed & Molly McCoy – Women Entrepreneurs
Meet two driven Denver women who have launched their own businesses after finding their own successes in the corporate world. Sirine Swed is the CEO and Founder of Battington Lashes. Molly McCoy has found success in starting several businesses. Her latest is Flower Bombers, an improvement on ordering flowers online. We’ll discuss the challenges of starting and maintaining a business and some challenges unique to women entrepreneurs.

October 5 – Stephanie Veck – Workforce Development
Stephanie Veck, Director of the Colorado Workforce Development Council, joins us as a COBRT partner to discuss progress in growing our state’s talent pipeline for a strong future workforce.

October 6 – Andrea Young – Colorado Technology Association
Andrea Young, CEO of Colorado Technology Association, joins us to talk about how CTA leads the network of companies and professionals fueling Colorado's economy through technology. We’ll discuss how CTA advocates for a pro-business and technology-friendly climate.

October 7 – Peter Moore – VITAL for Colorado
Peter Moore, President and CEO of VITAL for Colorado, is a regular contributor to Connect & Collaborate. He will be discussing the importance of energy production in the state along with the esteemed members of the VITAL Board.

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