Connect & Collaborate Hosts October 17–21, 2016

October 17 – Barbara Kreisman – Daniels Executive MBA Program
Barbara Kreisman, Senior Advisor to the Dean of the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver, shares success stories from the Executive MBA program. We will talk with Jennifer Larson about her work with Charter Schools and how the EMBA program helped to lead her success. 

October 18 – D.A. Mitch Morrissey and Steve Siegel – Witness Protection  
Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey and Steve Siegel, Director of the Special Programs Unit, discuss their work on Colorado’s Witness Protection Program. Gang activity and “anti-snitching” culture has had an impact on the justice system, resulting in extreme circumstances to protect witnesses who do come forward. This system has become a national model for other states’ witness protection plans.

October 19 – Anthony Lambatos – Footers Catering
Anthony Lambatos shares his unique perspective on running a family business while creating a company culture that works for both employer and employee. He’ll talk with Andrew Graham, President of Clinic Service, about what he’s done to create a great place to work. We’ll discuss how a great work culture needs constant work and how easily a single toxic employee or manager can set all progress back.

October 20 – Paul Bergman – Department of Commerce
Paul Bergman, Director of the United States Commercial Service – Denver Export Assistance Center, introduces us to key players in Denver who help make exporting easy and profitable for businesses of all sizes. Dan O’Brien, Acting National Director for the US Commercial Service, will provide a top-down look of the organization going into the new year. We’ll also discuss the upcoming Discover Global Markets-Chicago event.

October 21 – Peter Moore – VITAL for Colorado
Peter Moore, President of VITAL for Colorado, is a regular contributor to Connect & Collaborate, discussing the importance of energy production in the state, along with prestigious members of the VITAL for Colorado Board.

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