Connect & Collaborate Hosts for December 19-23, 2016

December 19 – Bernadette Johnson – DrillingInfo
Bernadette Johnson from DrillingInfo joins us to discuss the leading SaaS and data Analytics Company which advises companies on decision support for energy exploration. We’ll discuss the many uses for their data and how the oil and gas industry drives various revenues.
December 20 – Chuck Blakeman – 3 to 5 Club
Chuck Blakeman, Chief Transformation Officer and founder of Crankset Group, introduces us to Kyle Matthews, Chief Connecting Officer for Crankset Group and facilitator of the 3 to 5 Club. We learn about how entrepreneurs can use the 3 to 5 Club as an advantage for their business. Even CEOs need a safe place to say “I don’t know” when it comes to their company, and the 3 to 5 Club is your safe space.
December 21 – Anthony Lambatos – Footers
Anthony Lambatos shares his perspective on creating a great place to work. His guest is Tamera Kleinberg, Serial Innovator and founder of Launch Street. We’ll discuss how innovation impacts engagement and employee satisfaction. Tamera will offer details on her IQE Assessment (Innovation Quotient Edge Assessment) and how businesses can use that information. 
December 22 – Kelly Sloan – Trump Administration preview
Kelly Sloan, Government Relations Director for Olson Strategies, joins us to discuss the contentious win of President-elect Donald Trump. As a political consultant, Kelly Sloan will walk us through exactly how a businessman can turn into a government official and how he thinks the future president will succeed in office. 
December 23 – Stephanie Frances – Prodigy
Prodigy Ventures is a community-based social enterprise providing apprenticeships for young people who haven’t found success in traditional schooling or workplaces. Stephanie Frances is the heart behind the effort to create a craft coffee house, and to teach young people the craft, the business and more. Tune in to learn about this inspiring venture, then stop by 40th and Colorado to support this enterprise.

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