Connect and Collaborate Guests May 16-20

May 16  Brenda Morrison - Engaged Public
Engaged Public partners with citizens, civic leaders and public and private stakeholders to tackle complex public challenges head on. We will talk with Brenda Morrison, partner with Engaged public about some of the tools and resources they have developed to educate the public about tax and budget issues.   

May 17 -  Stephanie Veck - Colorado Workforce Development Council  
As one of COBRT’s partner agencies, CWDC joins us monthly to discuss progress in growing our state’s talent pipeline for a strong workforce. We’ll talk about Colorado STEM Roadmap, the collaborative approach to ensuring that every student in Colorado has an opportunity to learn STEM competencies and explore careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math; as well as how these skills apply across all industries and occupations. 

May 18 - Brittany Evans - Clear Intentions
Clear Intentions takes recycling seriously. Brittany Evans has developed a system for recycling glass bottles, which are often missed in the single stream recycling efforts. To prevent glass, which can be re-used, re-shaped and re-purposed from ending up in landfills, Clear Intentions offers a variety of programs to intervene.

May 19 - Paul Bergman - Department of Commerce, U.S. Commercial Service
We will bring you live conversations from World Trade Day Denver at Infinity Park. Paul will have guests from among the many influential speakers and participants of the event.   

May 20 - Peter Moore - VITAL for Colorado
Peter Moore joins us to discuss issues concerning oil and gas production in the state of Colorado, and introduces us to important players in the industry.