Government and Industry Partnership in Remote Sensing Data Analytics and Computing: Tap Lab

The United States Air Force (USAF), Lockheed Martin, and CU-Boulder are collectively working to design, procure, and install a collaborative R&D development environment to include: 1) remote sensing data analysis and archiving capabilities, 2) shared cloud computing resources (e.g. AWS) for remote access, and 3) computing infrastructure and services for lab development activities. The USAF, Lockheed Martin, and other key industry partners have invested heavily in the capture of relevant datasets via satellite-based remote sensors and in signal processing, data fusion, analytics, and visualization associated with interpreting data for effective decision making. The CU Boulder Grand Challenge Initiatives fuse strengths in earth, space and social sciences with new technologies and partners to address broad-ranging environmental and natural resource challenges of interest to Industry (topics related to the earth’s surface, atmospheric research, weather and climate studies, and environmental resource management). CU-Boulder provides remote sensing, earth sciences, and analytics expertise that is complementary to USAF and Industry partner capability. For more information on this collaboration and a full list of partners, visit the Tap Lab website.