NAFTA Statement by Colorado Business Roundtable

Colorado Business Roundtable (COBRT) strongly urges the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to continue negotiations toward an improved and enhanced North American trading agreement.

Canada and Mexico are Colorado’s largest trading partners, and an updated, fair agreement would continue to drive sustainable growth and greater economic prosperity that benefits business owners, workers, and all Coloradans.

“Maintaining a strong and beneficial trilateral partnership with Canada and Mexico is critical to many Colorado businesses that have built relationships and strong business ties with our North American neighbors,” states Colorado Business Roundtable President, Jeff Wasden. “Our current NAFTA agreement creates jobs, drives economic development & job growth, and benefits consumers. A strong, trilateral partnership among the U.S., Mexico, and Canada is a key driver for expanding trade and economic opportunities, and we implore all three governments to continue to negotiate in good faith until an agreement is reached.”

Ongoing negotiations have led to strengthened intellectual property protections and increased promotion of e-commerce and digital trade in goods and services. We remain concerned about reported provisions that would weaken investment protections, limit access to dispute settlement procedures, and would require a sunset clause.

Business Roundtable believes forfeiting this three-nation partnership would destabilize North American supply chains, jeopardize U.S. jobs and undermine economic growth.