COBRT Welcomes Canada's Ambassador MacNaughton to Colorado

Together with Consul General Marcy Grossman and the Canadian Consulate General in Denver, Colorado Business Roundtable (COBRT) welcomed on May 11, 2016 Canada's Ambassador to the United States of America, Mr. David MacNaughton.

Relatively new to his Washington, D.C.-based post, having taken the job under the new Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, in January 2016, this visit to Colorado is part of MacNaughton's first ambassadorial excursion. Over lunch, Ambassador MacNaughton and the group discussed trade and the importance of public-private partnerships.

COBRT was honored to host and bring together so many great companies and business leaders who understand the value and importance of relationships, trade and expanding markets. President Jeff Wasden said, "We value and appreciate Canada as a neighbor and trading partner for many of Colorado‚Äôs great businesses." 

Canada is Colorado's largest trading partner, and that is a significant aspect of relations. But Colorado cooperates with Canadian interests (and vice versa) in a variety other ways. Ambassador MacNaughton explained, "I have been quite amazed at the depth and breadth of our relationship." Beyond being such strong import-export partners, Canada and Colorado work together for issues with defense, health and international aid. 

Our Connect and Collaborate radio/podcast producer Tammy Schmidt was able to interview Ambassador MacNaughton, and she shared with us this clip even before it's on the radio show! Listen here (it's about five minutes long) or download and listen later. 

Listen to the podcast above to find out Ambassador MacNaughton feels about the following:
How can the U.S. & Canada be strengthening trade?
What progress can be made on efficient cross-border trade and ease of access for travelers?
What are his opinions on Canada's perspective on Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)?

 Connect and Collaborate Radio

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