Ag and Tech Leaders Illustrate Industrial Impact of Immigrants

In every industry and every neighborhood, immigrants help move this country forward.

New American Economy is proud to launch two new ads illustrating the impact of immigrants in America's agricultural and tech industries. 

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Our farmers made the case for reform: Rick Roth of Roth farms said "immigration reform is probably the top issue of agriculture around the country." Numerous farmers reported trouble finding enough workers to harvest their crops. Others reported struggles obtaining the necessary visas, and some even worried that America won't be able to feed America if we continue with labor shortages.

Our tech leaders shared many similar concerns. One entrepreneur told us that "streamlining our immigration is a must to maintain our competitive edge." Another tech founder told us simply that "none of her companies would have been possible" without talented immigrants. 

The statistics are daunting:

  • The number of U.S. farm workers declined by more than 20% between 2012 and 2014.
  • We import 80% more fruits and vegetables than we did 15 years ago.
  • More than 25% of science and technology firms report difficulty hiring.
  • It took less than one-week to reach the cap on high-skilled visas granted in 2016.

Help us spread the word. Watch and share these videos now. And then visit us again tomorrow, as we launch our new website and interactive map that breaks down the impact of immigration in every state, district, and industry. 

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Jeremy Robbins
Executive Director
New American Economy

Opportunity Reimagined: An Inclusive Vision for Healthy Communities

The Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program is pleased to announce the release of a new white paper titled Opportunity Reimagined: An Inclusive Vision for Healthy Communities. In light of some of the most pressing challenges facing our society today, this paper offers a non-partisan, multi-sector perspective on the issues affecting opportunity and makes the case for expanding it to include Latinos and all Americans in the future prosperity of the nation.

The paper is a product of the Program’s 2nd Annual America’s Future Summit: Reimagining Opportunity in a Changing Nation. Building upon content created during the Summit, including speaker remarks and topical participant discussions, this paper lays out recommendations for fostering healthy communities and expanding opportunity in four principle areas: improving health equity, advancing opportunity through education, expanding pathways to economic opportunity, and establishing an equity agenda. With a lens on Latinos in America and an emphasis on the importance of collaboration, addressing root causes of inequity, community member and youth involvement, culturally relevant and placed based solutions, this paper puts the expansion of opportunity and the inclusion of all people at the center of healthy communities.

To stay up to date with our program work, follow The Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Team on Twitter and visit the website. Click below to get the report.

Colorado Industry and Chamber Coalition Leads Immigration Reform Charge

Colorado Business Roundtable (COBRT) is honored to join Coloradans for Immigration Reform, the coalition of chambers of commerce and industry associations working towards bipartisan immigration reform. The formal launch was held on December 6, 2016 at Colorado Farm Bureau. Chad Vorthmann, Executive Vice President, Colorado Farm Bureau; Mizraim Cordero, Vice President of Governmental Affairs at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce; and COBRT president Jeff Wasden addressed the need for immigration reform in order to having a thriving workforce and business climate.

The coalition grows as organizations driven by a strong economy continue to join. It includes:

  • Asian Chamber of Commerce
  • Associated Builders and Contractors Rocky Mountain Chapter
  • Associated General Contractors of Colorado
  • Colorado Business Roundtable
  • Colorado Farm Bureau
  • Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association
  • Colorado Restaurant Association
  • Colorado Competitive Council
  • Colorado Dairy Farmers
  • Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • Mountain West Credit Union Association
  • Pro 15
  • South Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE) is a champion of bipartisan immigration reform, and they assist in the creation of such coalitions in every state. This coalition and recent event is a continuation in COBRT's involvement in immigration reform with PNAE. In August, COBRT hosted an event for the Reason for Reform campaign’s National Day of Action with U.S. Representative Jared Polis. Immigration Policy is one of COBRT's nine Key Issues in alignment with the national Business Roundtable (BRT). Jim McNernney of The Boeing Company, a BRT member, is a chair of PNAE.

Thank you to all the attendees and media who were able to attend. Check out the following media outlets for perspectives from the event:

National Hispanic Heritage Month: Hispanics Poised to Dominate Growth in Consumer Spending

By Stephen Stribling

September 15 marked the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the contributions that Hispanic Americans have made to our country – past and present. According to the U.S. Census, more than 20% of Colorado’s five million residents are Latino. Census data also shows that Denver has one of the highest populations of Hispanics or Latinos in the U.S. – making up more than 31% of the population.

The media is inundated everyday with stories focused on the economic impact of Millennials. However, the growing population of Hispanics could have an even greater effect. In fact, the increase in spending among Hispanics will likely exceed that of Millennials and Baby Boomers combined over the next five years.

Within the consumer landscape, the Hispanic population is poised to take 1.4% incrementally of the consumer wallet, which is approximately 13 trillion dollars.  As the spending shift occurs, so will the industries that it will impact – particularly in the food and retail sector.  A popular trend among Millennials is their tendency to spend more of their income on dining out.  On the other hand, Hispanics tend to spend more of their income toward food consumed at home.  Taking into account the demographic impact of this trend, we could see upward support for spending on food at home.

Interestingly, the apparel sector is one area where Hispanics and Millennials overlap. Over the past 10 years, spending allocated to apparel has been declining on the whole due to apparel price deflation. However, both of these growing demographic groups are trending toward allocating a greater proportion of income to apparel. Despite the current downtrend on spending in this sector, apparel stands to gradually trend upward in the future, indicating that there may be growth in other sectors that appeal to both Millennials and Hispanics. 

From culture to economic impact, the Latino influence is undeniable in this country. While a generational shift will undoubtedly affect consumer spending, demographic shifts in our population will prove just as impactful.  

Stephen Stribling is a Financial Advisor with the Pelican Bay Group at Morgan Stanley in Denver. He can be reached at 303-572-4889 or

Colorado Participates in Reason for Reform National Day of Action for Immigration Policy

Colorado Business Roundtable (COBRT) hosted on August 3, 2016 an event for the Reason for Reform campaign’s National Day of Action with Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE). COBRT was joined by U.S. Representative Jared Polis and other leaders in industry, government and education.

This day of action calling for immigration reform was led by a coalition of business and community leaders who together held 62 events in all 50 states. Each event featured the release of a new, state-specific research report with the latest data on the economic contributions of immigrants to each state. Click here to view, download or have emailed to you the full report for Colorado.

Some highlights from the report on immigrants’ contributions to Colorado’s economy:

  • Immigrants as Entrepreneurs. 32,115 immigrants in Colorado are self-employed. Immigrant-owned businesses generated $566.4 M in business income in 2014. 83,794 people in Colorado are employed at firms owned by immigrants. Share of entrepreneurs in Colorado who are immigrants 11%
  • Spending Power: In 2014, immigrants in Colorado earned $14.1 B. $1.0 B — went to state and local taxes… $2.3 B — went to federal taxes… Leaving them with $10.8 B in remaining spending power.
  • Undocumented Losses: In 2014, undocumented immigrants in Colorado earned $3.0 B. $114.1 M — went to state and local taxes… $199.6 M — went to federal taxes… Leaving them with $2.7 B in remaining spending power.

The event began with an introduction of these and other findings from the report by COBRT President Jeff Wasden. Wasden discussed the importance of the facts on both the state and national levels. He noted that this is not a partisan issue – Republicans, Democrats, Independents and more can join in the call for immigration reform which will most benefit the economy.

Immigration Policy is one of COBRT’s nine Key Issues as well as Business Roundtable’s. BRT reports that more than 40% of U.S.-based Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children.

Congressman Polis spoke about the influence that the business community has in moving immigration policy issues to resolution, but he also reminded attendees that it must happen through Congress. “This National Day of Action has been a great rallying point, and now we need to see this through to make our country stronger, better, healthier and safer,” Polis stated. He discussed how national security concerns, humanitarianism and economics may all be improved upon through immigration policy reform.

Representatives from local and national groups were able to attend, including the Office of Congresswoman Diana DeGette; the Office of Congressman Ed Perlmutter; Bibles, Badges and Business; City and County of Denver; Colorado Farm Bureau; Consumer Energy Alliance; GlobalMindED; PADT; Quarterly Forum; and U.S. Global Leadership Coalition. The event was held at CAP Logistics’ Denver headquarters.

Later in the day, PNAE and COBRT President Jeff Wasden had a live broadcast on COBRT’s Connect & Collaborate Radio. Stream or download the podcast here at

Data from each state report is featured in an interactive map, showing the case for immigration reform with statistics and stories in every single congressional district. Users are invited to “Map the Impact of Immigration Across the Nation” here.

Colorado Business Roundtable thanks Congressman Polis and his staff, our meeting hosts CAP Logistics, and all of our attendees for engaging on this significant issue.

PNAE brings together more than 500 Republican, Democratic and Independent mayors and business leaders united in making the economic case for streamlining, modernizing and rationalizing our immigration system. Co-Chairs are Bill Marriott, CEO, Marriott; Bob Iger, CEO, Disney; Jim McNerney, Chair, Boeing; Julian Castro, Former Mayor of San Antonio; Michael Bloomberg, Former Mayor of New York City; Michael Nutter, Former Mayor of Philadelphia; Rupert Murdoch, Chair, News Corp and 21st Century Fox. @renewoureconomy

COBRT is an advocate for proactive, positive legislation that strengthens the economy and allows businesses to grow and thrive in Colorado and the region. Through strategic alliances with great groups of industry leaders, chambers of commerce, educational institutions and governmental bodies, our goal is to improve the business environment, increase effectiveness, and expand the networks of our partners. @ColoradoBRT

Reason for Reform Day of Action

On August 3, 2016 the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE) is launching our Reason for Reform campaign with a national day of action. This will be a coalition of business and community leaders from around the country who come together to hold 50 events in all 50 states to highlight the need for immigration reform. Each state event will feature the release of a new, state-specific research report, produced by PNAE, with the latest data on the economic contributions of immigrants to each state. Later this year, the data will be part of a new interactive map, showing the case for immigration reform with statistics and stories in every single congressional district.

We have successfully done similar events in several states on the same day in the past. Understanding that our partners have very busy schedules, our goal is to make it as easy and smooth as possible to assist us in our efforts.

A Reason for Reform event can take shape in a number of ways. A small event that could work well would be a press event of some sort. This could include: a traditional stand up press conference with podium, a roundtable discussion with a few local leaders open to the media, or a conversation with a local, state or federal elected official in which we invite the media. We are open to any other ideas you may have as well!  Essentially, we are flexible and want to find the event type that will work best for our partners. 

In an effort to limit time and resources among the staff of our partners on the ground we will provide hosts and participants with talking points, media materials, and assistance executing a media strategy to help amplify the event. 

We hope you will join us in the Reason for Reform campaign on August 3rd by hosting, participating, or supporting an event in your state as well as sharing the call for immigration reform with others in your network. If you are interested in participating or have any questions about this effort please contact Erin Regan at