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February 13, 2018
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A recent New York Times editorial contains so many misconceptions and mischaracterizations about the newly enacted tax law, that it's hard to know where to begin. But let's start with the headline: "Are Corporate Tax Cuts Raising Pay? Yes, for Bosses." By implying that tax reform's principal beneficiaries are corporate bosses, this headline alone is completely off target. 

In his State of the Union address, President Trump set an encouraging vision to reclaim America's "building heritage" and advance economic prosperity in calling for $1.5 trillion in new infrastructure investment. Now, Congress must act with urgency, build on bipartisan consensus, and deliver a bill that will benefit American workers, commuters, and families. 

The past six months have proved to be a challenging time for many young people across the country. The main reason: The decision on their future is completely out of their hands. I'm talking, of course, about the DREAMer population nationwide, including the many DREAMers living in Colorado right now. These individuals, our neighbors and colleagues, have lived with more uncertainty than most Americans will in a lifetime. 

Wireless technology continues to play a more integral role in our lives. Smartphones and other connected devices - from navigation systems to fitness trackers - allow us to stream videos, get directions, monitor our activity, conduct business, and stay in touch with our loved ones. They also keep us safe. In the U.S., nearly 80% of adults own smartphones and more than 80% of 911 calls are made with wireless devices. Access to mobile technology is no longer a luxury - it is a necessity for citizens and first responders as well as local government officials, who all depend on wireless connectivity daily. 

The White House finally rolled out President Trump's long-awaited infrastructure plan Monday, swinging for the fences with a $1.5 trillion initiative that is light on new federal dollars - but could inspire a wave of toll roads, ease decades-old regulations and permanently change cities' and states' expectations for assistance from Washington. 

Congress this morning approved a bipartisan two-year budget agreement that also funds federal government spending through March 23 and extends the debt ceiling to March 2019. Business Roundtable on Thursday encouraged action on the agreement. "Business confidence remains high, and a failure to address the budget and debt limit would put that confidence at risk," said Mark A. Weinberger, Global Chairman and CEO of EY and Chair of the Business Roundtable Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee, in a statement. "The American economy depends on predictable and sound government actions that help create the conditions for job creation and long-term investment." Weinberger called on Congress and the Administration to address long-term fiscal issues and the March expiration of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The Senate passed H.R. 1892 on a 71-28 vote, the House voted 240-186, and President Trump signed it into law. 

The Denver Business Journal honors an influential and accomplished group of winners for its 22nd under 40 awards programs in 2018. 

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