Infrastructure Week Invites Participation in "A Day Without Water"

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the Value of Water Coalition, I am delighted to invite you to participate in the second annual Imagine A Day Without Water.
Water is essential – to our daily lives, our health, our businesses and jobs, our nation. Yet so much of the hidden water and wastewater infrastructure on which our nation depends – built to serve the America of the 19th and early 20th centuries – is inadequately equipped to meet the demands and stresses of the 21st century. Across America, too many families, businesses and communities face the devastating impacts of crippled water infrastructure, and being forced to live – for even a day – without water.
It’s time to fix that – by telling the public and your elected leaders your water story.
The Value of Water Coalition invites you to join more than 150 organizations already signed up to participate in this national day of action to educate the public on the crucial importance of reliable, affordable, and safe water to our nation’s communities and economy – and to ask elected leaders (and candidates for office) at all levels of government to invest now in our water and wastewater infrastructure.
More than 180 organizations participated in the first Imagine A Day Without Water in 2015, hosting live events, educating millions of citizens through social media and a national radio tour, and bringing together stakeholders from elementary schools and small businesses to mayors, city councils, and utilities. In 2016, the Value of Water Coalition is growing and diversifying this powerful coalition. From city governments and water authorities pulling back the curtain on our hidden water infrastructure to workers and businesses – from breweries and restaurants to agriculture, energy, manufacturing and tourism – we encourage you to explain the importance of water to you and your stakeholders.

Sign Up Today!

Participation is easy and can take many forms:

  • Are you a water-reliant business or labor group – a restaurant or brewery, a hotel chain or labor group, a manufacturer or a farmer? Participate on social media (shareable tweets and graphics coming soon!) and consider writing an op-ed in your local newspaper.

  • Are you an elected official? Issue a resolution affirming your community’s support for safe, reliable, accessible water.

  • Are you a water sector utility or agency? Open your facilities to elected leaders, the media, or students for tours or hold a press event.

  • Are you a school or educator? Consider hosting an art competition among young students, or have college students talk about how water matters to their futures and career paths.

Listen to our "How to Participate" Webinar

Whoever you are, whatever your sector or constituency is, you have a water story to tell. September 15th is the day to stand up and tell that story. Access resources, ideas, and see who else is participating by visiting
Should you have any questions, please reply to me and we can help you get engaged in this national day of education and action. On behalf of the Value of Water Coalition, I encourage you to sign up to participate, and to share this engagement opportunity with your peers in and beyond the water sector.
Zachary Schafer
Executive Director
Infrastructure Week