After Ten Years, CEA Continues to Advocate for Families, Households, and Businesses

In 2006, Consumer Energy Alliance set out to advocate for sensible energy policies that ensured both environmental protection and responsible energy development. Now, 10 years later, the organization, its affiliate members, and individual consumer members continue to create thoughtful dialogue around the way we look at and talk about energy in the United States, through a non-partisan, balanced lens.

Still, despite the challenges that have occurred over the last year with energy market volatility and a continuing change in the country’s economic climate, CEA remains committed to advocating for households, families, and businesses across the country who are directly affected by these issues. Through various initiatives, grassroots campaigns, educational events and speaking engagements, CEA helped to promote a better understanding about how our nation receives its energy – and as the conversations transformed, CEA reached out to key officials and national leadership to understand the issues at hand. 

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