Fracking and America’s Energy Revolution

Posted by CRED

America’s energy sector is undergoing a revolution.

Our nation’s energy supply is more diverse than ever before.  As our population grows, this diverse supply promises to meet and sustain our future energy needs.

In 2012, fracking helped make the United States the number one oil and natural gas producer in the world—ending our dependence on foreign sources of energy. A record-breaking domestic production of natural gas and renewables is boosting our supply of clean-burning energy. This revolution is changing U.S. energy consumption patterns.

As fracking and other technologies unlock more natural gas and other energy, our dependence on petroleum is decreasing, especially at the pump.

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that non-petroleum’s share of transportation energy reached the highest level since 1954. Americans are increasingly turning to natural gas, electricity or biomass to fuel our cars, trucks, and buses.  In fact, natural gas-fueled vehicles have more than doubled since 2000.

This shift in consumption patterns has helped curb carbon pollution to 17-year lows—a triumph applauded by industry, environmentalists, and consumers.

As the balanced energy capitalof the West, Colorado is leading America’s energy revolution. We rank in the top 10 in natural gas, solar, wind, and oil production. This diversity coupled with strict regulations is meeting our state’s energy needs while boosting our economy and preserving our environment.

Policymakers are replicating Colorado’s energy and regulatory success across the country to ensure America remains a global leader for generations to come.