Douglas County Supports Efforts for Responsible Energy Development

Written by Meredith Bagnulo

There’s no doubt that the oil and gas industry, which has been a vital part of Colorado’s history, continues to play a key role in the region’s economic development. According to the Colorado Oil & Gas Association, Colorado produces enough oil for use by 2.2 million people per year and brings over 110,000 direct and indirect jobs to the State.

Recent initiatives in Douglas County are paving the way for continued support of responsible energy development.

Earlier this week, the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution to support “continued energy development that is responsible, and the State of Colorado’s existing regulations and oversight for that development.”

The passing of this resolution is significant as energy development continues to be a driving force for Colorado’s economy in areas such as real estate and homebuilding, manufacturing, agriculture, and job growth.

Additionally, in early 2015, the Douglas County Energy Coalition was formed to increase citizens' support for domestic energy development. The Coalition is made up of a diverse grassroots team of business and community leaders from across county and has held a number of events and seminars to educate constituents on key energy-related issues.  

“Sustained support for responsible oil and gas development not only affects a lot of jobs in Douglas County but is vital to Colorado’s economy,” said Amy Sherman, Chair of the Douglas County Energy Coalition.  “We are thrilled to see Douglas County get out in front with such a common-sense approach to a major statewide issue and hope that this sets an example for other local governments around Colorado to do the same.”