Report Recommends Industry-Led Strategies for Strengthening Colorado’s Talent Pipeline

DENVER — The Colorado Workforce Development Council released on October 3, 2016 its annual Colorado Talent Pipeline Report to cap off Workforce Development Month.
The report examines how well the partners of the Colorado talent development network – which includes education, training, workforce development, economic development and others – meet the needs of businesses and support the state’s economic growth.

“We continue to look at innovative strategies to help Coloradans expand their career opportunities,” said Gov. John Hickenlooper. “This report gives industry leaders and educators direction to ensure skills match business need. Along with initiatives such as CareerWise, a statewide apprenticeship program, work-based learning and industry partnerships, we remain focused on developing opportunities for high-demand, good paying jobs and providing businesses with access to a skilled workforce.”

The report poses the following questions:

·       What are current trends in Colorado’s talent pipeline, and how do those trends impact our current and future workforce?
·       What are the top jobs in Colorado that have high growth rates and offer a livable wage?
·       What skills are employers seeking?
·       What are the education and training strategies that the state and local partners have implemented, and how effective are those strategies?

The report highlights jobs that have high growth opportunities and offer a living wage for a family of three. These jobs are concentrated in healthcare, information technology, business and finance, and engineering occupations. The vast majority of which typically require some formalized postsecondary training or education.

The conclusion of the report provides recommendations from the Governor’s Workforce and Education Cabinet workgroup on how the state could strengthen its talent pipeline.

Recommendations include:

·       Promote apprenticeships by creating a strong foundation of youth apprenticeships that integrate secondary education, postsecondary education and work.
·       Support the cross-agency 2-Gen approach, and focus on “two-generation approaches” that work with both parents/caretakers and children to improve education and work outcomes.
·       Support streamlined regulations of credentialing to result in a more rapid response to filling high demand occupations.

The Colorado Workforce Development Council produced the report in partnership with the Colorado Departments of Higher Education, Education, Labor and Employment, Human Services, Regulatory Affairs and the Office of Economic Development and International Trade, with support from the Office of State Planning and Budgeting, the State Demography Office at the Department of Local Affairs, the Department of Human Services, and the Department of Regulatory Affairs, along with other partners.

The release of the report also marks the launch of TalentFOUND, the brand of the Colorado talent development network. Colorado is nationally recognized for its work aligning the efforts of its talent development network, including education, training, workforce, and economic development. Despite this, individuals and businesses are often unclear where to go for help with questions about job searches, talent recruitment or training options. The goal of TalentFOUND is to leverage the talent development network to help students, job seekers, workers, and businesses better understand and access tools and resources to create their own unique path to success.

“For those who have ever faced confusion when hiring or job searching, soon there will be a new gateway to help provide clarity,” said Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne. “TalentFOUND will help Coloradans better navigate our decentralized network, connecting them with the tools most useful to them as individuals.”

TalentFOUND is recruiting charter affiliates until the release of its full gateway landing page in spring 2017. The forthcoming electronic gateway will filter a database of assets via logic tree to best connect students, workers, job seekers, and businesses with the Colorado resources and tools already in existence that are most relevant to them.

To learn more about TalentFOUND and what will be coming in the spring, visit:

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