CSU-Global Sponsorship Shines on Colorado Business Roundtable

Visitors to COBRT.com, the website of the Colorado Business Roundtable (COBRT), may have noticed a recent addition to the pages. A full-width banner now highlights COBRT's newest sponsor, Colorado State University-Global Campus (CSU-Global).

A screenshot of the CSU-Global banner on COBRT.com

A screenshot of the CSU-Global banner on COBRT.com

Although this is not the first time CSU-Global and COBRT have collaborated, it is the first time that the organizations have done so formally. Education and Workforce is one of COBRT's Key Issues within its scope of promoting a business-friendly region. CSU-Global is one of the three separate campuses in the Colorado State University System and the country’s first and only fully-accredited, public, non-profit, degree-granting university that is an entirely independent and 100% online school; not a virtual option supporting a bricks and mortar institution. The University is a premier provider of innovative, higher learning opportunities for nontraditional students in Colorado and beyond. Therefore, it is easy to see how working together to promote initiatives such as Skillful, for example, is a natural fit.

"Colorado State University-Global Campus is proud to partner with the Colorado Business Roundtable, in support of the business community and workplace success through education. As a leader in modern learning, CSU-Global continues to expand opportunities for companies and their employees to move industry forward through investment in higher education," said Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker, president and CEO.

This occasion also marks the first time that COBRT has offered a sponsorship opportunity through its digital media outlets and its partnership with ICOSA Media Services. ICOSA designed the banner and may provide additional designs in the future.

COBRT President Jeff Wasden said that he and COBRT are proud to announce this sponsorship with CSU-Global. Wasden continued, "CSU-Global is incredibly forward-thinking with worldwide reach. The business community and CEO’s understand how important an educated and trained workforce is to their long-term success and CSU-Global is a leading pioneer.”

If you are interested in furthering your education through undergraduate study, graduate study or professional certification, make sure to check out CSU-Global -- whether you are in Colorado or across the world. For senior executives seeking employee retention tools, the university also offers affiliate partnership opportunities that feature employee tuition discounts. And if you are interested in sponsoring COBRT's advocacy for a strong economy, please contact Jeff Wasden at 303-394-6097 or jwasden@cobrt.com.

Check out the CSU-Global YouTube channel