Colorado Succeeds Launches the Colorado Readiness Report

Colorado Succeeds is thrilled to announce the launch of the Colorado Readiness Report, an interactive and easy-to-understand dashboard of key performance indicators for Colorado’s education system.

The Readiness Report cuts through the clutter to focus on the 12 most important predictors of student success, from kindergarten through career entry. 

At Colorado Succeeds, we believe in using data to identify best practices, scale successful innovations, and ensure that our state’s limited resources are invested wisely. The Readiness Report puts this information right at our fingertips and helps business, education, and government leaders focus on continuously improving our education system. 

I encourage you to peruse the dashboard, share it with your networks, and use it as your go-to resource for education and workforce information: And I welcome your thoughts, questions, and feedback on the dashboard. Thank you for your continued partnership.

Scott Laband
President | Colorado Succeeds
303-893-0707 ext. 25
1390 Lawrence St. | Suite 200 | Denver, CO 80204