Mid-Year Economic Report Shows Mixed Results for Small Biz

National Small Business Association (NSBA) released on September 7 its 2016 Mid-Year Economic Report which shows mixed results, specifically: the majority of small-business owners are projecting a flat economy in the coming 12 months, however slightly more today are anticipating economic expansion than did just six months ago.

Here are links to the survey below along with several social media posts you are welcome to use. NSBA and COBRT greatly appreciate any help you can provide in spreading the word about this survey within your networks.

2016 Mid-Year Economic Report Social Media Posts

  • Majority of #smallbiz project a flat economy in the coming year per @NSBAAdvocate report
  • Slightly more #smallbiz expect economic expansion than just 6 months ago per @NSBAAdvocate report
  • 72% of #smallbiz are confident in the future of their own business per @NSBAAdvocate report
  • 25% of #smallbiz plan to launch a new product line in the coming year per @NSBAAdvocate report
  • Job growth continues to linger at 23% of #smallbiz adding workers in past year per @NSBAAdvocate report
  • Bank lending to #smallbiz decreased over last 6 months per @NSBAAdvocate report
  • Top thing #smallbiz wants policymakers to address: reduce the deficit per @NSBAAdvocate report
  • Majority of #smallbiz say fed taxes have moderate to significant impact on day-to-day operations per @NSBAAdvocate report

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