Denver Regional Visual Resources Compiles Region's Most Interesting Data in Interactive Format

Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) recently announced the availability of Denver Regional Visual Resources (DRVR), a web-based resource which takes some of the most interesting data in the region and compiles it in an interactive, visual format.

DRCOG represents almost 60 municipal and county governments in the Denver region, where those local governments collaborate to establish guidelines, set policy and allocate funding in the areas of: transportation and personal mobility, growth and development, and aging and disability resources. 

One of DRCOG's most important roles is to produce data, information, maps and models in support of regional planning and collaborative local government initiatives. Visit DRVR, where data is organized into demographic, employment, transportation and community profiles. Besides having this data at your fingertips, you can use the visualizations in your local newsletters or on your community website (for an example, see the City of Northglenn's website). 

DRCOG also organized data by state and federal legislative districts. This functionality allows you to obtain a profile for each legislative district -- including demographic, employment, transportation, and housing and education data. DRCOG hopes the information gives you a better understanding of our region, and is a useful tool for communications with your communities.