Camp To Belong Colorado

Camp To Belong and its founder, Lynn Price, of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, will be featured on BYUtv’sTurning Point. Turning Point is a collection of inspiring stories about people whose lives have changed irrevocably due to one pivotal decision.  In 1995, Price became a court-appointed special advocate for children in foster care and a volunteer at a children’s shelter. While spending time with these children, she discovered that of the almost 500,000 youth in the American foster care system, 75 percent are separated from at least one sibling. This staggering statistic, combined with her own personal experience, turned out to be the spark that ignited the development of Camp To Belong.  Camp To Belong is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to reuniting siblings placed in separate foster homes and other out-of-home care for events of fun, emotional empowerment and sibling connection. The main events are week-long summer camps along with camper reunion events throughout the year.

Camp To Belong Colorado is led by sisters and longtime Camp To Belong volunteer counselors Charlie and Sam Lippolis.  Next summer brothers and sisters from around Colorado will spend five nights and six days participating in activities together, such as horseback riding, rafting, swimming, wall climbing, fishing and ropes courses.  Signature programs such as a sibling birthday party for all campers, sibling pillow creations, lifetime scrapbook making, life seminars and more intentional programming will bring inspiration to each individual camper and memories between siblings. 

Camp To Belong has successfully brought together more than 4,500 brothers and sisters ages 8 to 18 since 1995. With 10 current member camps, Camp To Belong has been recognized by the White House and Oprah. 

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