Center for the New Energy Economy

The Center for the New Energy Economy (CNEE) is directed by former Governor Bill Ritter.  CNEE works toward the advancement of clean energy policy at the state level.  Ritter takes the CNEE message nationally through speaking events about clean energy.  The CNEE has partnered with the East China Normal University which seems to be strategic in that China was number one in all renewable index rankings for 2011 and 2010, reported Ernst & Young. “We need a national energy policy,” Ritter.  Ritter states the clean energy agenda is really about emissions for example natural gas emissions.  Questioning what forms of energy are most efficient has several factors such as the natural environment of a location.  The factors are numerous however the Feds have some legislation on clean energy.

In the U.S. Federal government the clean energy agenda is basically looking at two issues; one is Property-Assessed Clean Energy, (PACE) financing and two the extension of the production tax credit which the wind energy industry relies upon.

At the state level best practices in extraction and efficiency are being discussed.  The CNEE has worked with about 10 states in advancing clean energy policies.

“What’s really interesting is one size doesn’t fit all, so it is important to tailor our work in states to the resources available in the state—to the economic landscape to some extent—to the way that they are generating electricity, to think about that and what that transition is going to involve.  Interestingly transmission—it’s very difficult and sort of a sophisticated topic but the transmission infrastructure matters a lot because of interconnection—pulling renewables onto the grid can be a very difficult thing to do,” Ritter.

“I think energy is one of those things that should not be all about politics but somehow this debate over whether climate change is real or not, is sort of sucked into it, the whole conversation around clean energy including things like energy efficiency.  It’s about saving energy and good business practices,” Ritter.

Clean energy policy groups such as the Energy Foundation out of San Francisco, Hewlett Foundation, Packard Foundation and the McKnight Foundation fund CNEE.

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