Spherical Phil Lawson

Phil Lawson  

Phil Lawson is the founder and CEO of Spherit Inc. Spherit is a company that looks at the whole of a complex issue and makes sense of it.   Through an online questioner system a chart is created that reports the shape and pattern of a company.  One element the chart produces is staff ability for example is an employee ability being fully used.   The application that does this is called Sphere and it has countless applications.  It can also be used in the areas of health, personal relationships and individual career goals.  The purpose of the application is to assist in navigating to the best possible outcome.

Lawson is also the author.  Being Spherical — Reshaping Our Lives and Our World for the 21st Century is a book about navigating through change.  Lawson co-authored, It's Going to be OK (but not like we thought), “A story about absolute certainty, confounding bewilderment and an inescapable transformation,” says Lawson.

For more information, visit; www.engagesphere.com

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