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Alexandra Mitchell  


Community service industries such as Pathfinder Solutions are preparing to show a new work force how to get into the civil service/non-profit field of work.  This industry anticipates job opportunities will continue to open as the baby boomer generation retires.  Pathfinder Solutions is building a bridge to connect the right talent with the civil service industry.

Alexandra Mitchell is co-founder and president of Pathfinder Solutions.  Pathfinder Solutions principle goal is cultivating a diverse civil service workforce.  Mitchell related to ICOSA that 1.5 million people work in the civil service industry which is about 10 percent of the national workforce.

Dr. Jeff Pryor


Dr. Jeff Pryor, co-founder and CEO of Pathfinder Solutions has decades of experience in philanthropy.  Pryor served for 20 years as the Executive Director of the Anschutz Family Foundation.  Both Pryor and Mitchell believe civil service organizations need to equally spend time developing and inviting talented individual into the industry.

Pathfinder Solutions is a 15 member, team based consulting firm.  They work on projects, with each member bringing their unique skill-sets.  At the forefront is the Talent Develop Inititive Project in Colorado which inspires individuals to consider working in the civil service industry.  Other states are invited to participate in this project.  Currently Pathfinder Solutions is partnering with the National Council on Nonprofits.  People interested should contact their state nonprofit association and mention the Talent Develop Inititive.

Another Pathfinder Solutions project is with the University of Mongolia in China.  They have asked Pathfinder Solutions to develop a non-profit degree program which will offer a certificate or master’s degree.  A symposium has also been proposed for companies, funders and non-profits focusing on non-profits within China.

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