Greeley Chamber of Commerce


The Greeley Chamber of Commerce is in Weld County, Colorado.  They are a WOW town, a lifeline for business and help companies think outside the box.  There key messages include fostering a strong local economy, Greeley Chamber of Commerce promoting the community, providing business connections and visibility opportunities, representing the interests of business with government and building community leadership and development programs.

ICOSA spoke with Kim Barbour, Public Affairs Director at the Greeley Chamber of Commerce since 2007; LeeAnn Sterling, Visit Greeley Director and Sarah MacQuiddy, President of the Greeley Chamber of Commerce.  They discussed the agri-business in Greeley.  In fact 30 percent of business in Weld County is related to agriculture.  Making the Greeley and surrounding area the eighth largest community supplying food sources in the nation.

The full cycle of agri-business is looked at by the Greeley Chamber of Commerce from education of agriculture, to immigration, to water.  The Greeley Chamber hosts tours illustrating various subjects in agriculture.  The tours are one day and focus on subjects such as water and livestock in the area.

LeAnn Sterling of the Visit Greeley Program shared that the community has visitors to the range of 30,000 in three days that bring in about seven million dollars.  A few of the events that bring in the large dollar amounts are ones such as Greeley Jazz, The Greeley Blues Jam and The Greeley Stampede.

Agri-business is big business in Greeley.  They are also a university town.  Greeley is also home of the University of Northern Colorado which brings in an educational component to the agri-business as well as other disciplines for example nursing and liberal arts studies.

The Regional Leadership Program that the Greeley Chamber of Commerce hosts creates dialog in the region including the Fort Collins and Loveland communities.  They focus on the economy, employment, education and healthcare both regionally and nationally.

For more information on the Greeley Chamber of Commerce, visit; or call 970-352-3566.


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