Accion brings small business loans to micro-entrepreneurs.  The loan model they use is profitable, expanding and viable.  Small loans range from $200 to $10,000.  Most $200 loans are for small inventory build-up or to build credit.  Accion has been a micro-financing firm for about 17 years.  Forty-five percent of their funding comes from revenue they bring in from interest rates and the remainder comes from donations, government and bank entities.

Accion also provides mentors, workshops and community networks.  Accion is a micro-lender that can work with FICO scores of 500 and above.  International micro loans are much smaller, based on trust and range from $20 to $500.  Accion has a 92 percent international micro-finance loans repayment rate.

The collateral is 100 percent due to the risk involved with low credit scores.  Several items can be used as collateral such as car titles and manufacturing equipment.

The mentorship program provides networking for similar industry companies.  Workshops are a more formal and traditional method of increasing business acumen.

Social capital is a way to offer loans to international businesses with no collateral.  For example a group of people may apply for a loan and each must pay back their share in order to take out another loan.  The group shares in the responsibility.

Any small business can apply from trucking companies, service providers or janitorial.

Entrepreneurs who come in with an idea they have wanted to do for some time are better than those with several ideas.  Passion and character piece play a role into lending.

To start the process contact Accion at www.accionusa,org.

Accion is also looking for workshop leaders, volunteer hours, mentors, donations and can be contacted at or Jesse Golland through,

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