Time is a Resource

Angel Tuccy  

Time is the invisible resource and to harness the most of it you can follow the following surviving time management tips.

  1. Concentrate on producing results.  Some like the “good ol’fun” of procrastination but that is not managing time effectively.
  2. Ask for help by first creating a list of rankings with ABC priorities; A being the most important.  Angel Tuccy of The Experience Pros uses this system and to manage her time assigns items ranked B or C to other people.
  3. Create a routine to limit the impact of unexpected events.
  4. Read and follow the recommendations of “Lists That Saved My Life,” by Angel Tuccy.  “Lists That Saved My Life,” insightfully shares tips on turning everyday trials to manageable lists.
  5. Overcome productivity low-lay zones by working your lists.
  6. Ask yourself this question; what would I do with two more hours a day?  Your answers should be ranked A on your list of priorities and if they are not add them to that list.

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