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iGivefirst Technology solutions company iGivefirst facilitates donations to charitable organizations.  Sharif Youssef is the founder and CEO, of Giving Tools, Inc.  iGivefirst is a tool of Giving Tools and a for-profit professional fundraising company focused on philanthropy.  They are based in Denver, Colorado and have a national reach.

Using technology solutions reduces fundraising costs for nonprofits.   Nonprofits that use the iGivefirst button are able to redirect their work focus.   Not only is the charity’s end of the process made easier but donations can be made with a simple click—similar to the Facebook like button making the giving process easier.  They also centralize tax reporting to give the charity one receipt.

Technology solutions are needed because in the United States three billion dollars are donated a year to charity.  75 percent of that comes from donations that on average come in as $60.00 increments.  That is roughly 230 billion a year.  And only eight percent of the three billion comes from online donations.  Youssef, explains this is in part due to three online problems, donations online are not easy, trustworthy or secure. solves these problems by having a 256 bit-encryption and taking on the donation receiving process.

Sharif Youssef

Technology solutions will increase the eight percent of online donations to charities.  Through iGivefirst, Youssef would looks forward to increasing the eight percent online figure to 50 percent.

Media companies, bloggers and other digital media publishers can put their GIVE button on their websites. iGivefirst is currently open to partnership with nonprofits.  Having publishers add the iGivefirst icon to articles for readers to take the next step and donate is what they are reaching for.

For more information on iGivefirst, visit; www.igivefirst .com


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