Social Enterprise is a Blend of Business Acumen

Chris Pelley  

Chris Pelley is managing director of Capital Investment Management which embraces the Japanese proverb: “None of us are as smart as all of us.” In addition Pelley views social entrepreneurship as a meaningful endeavor.  Social enterprise is a blend of business acumen where more purpose equals more efficiency, more effectiveness and more sustainability.

The triple bottom line of company, children and charity increases profits.  Chris Pelley’s view on social enterprise derives from a unique source, his daughters.

Get Ready.

Becoming involved in social enterprise is simple and accessible.  Knowledge is key and available.  Ask youth about concerns in their lives to get a feel for what is going on or ask your alma mater about how becoming a social entrepreneur.  Also, reading “Encore,” by Marc Freedman and “Thanks,” by Robert Emmons will give insight, social awareness into becoming better human beings.

Get Set.

To experience life at a different level add a social entrepreneurship element to your business strategy.  Employees are the best PR there for bottom line results.  A way to do this is helping employees find what their next venture will be within the company’s social enterprise.


Association for Corporate Growth, ACG is about a community for small to medium companies.  The ACG promotes communication, community and collaboration with the academic, business and citizen sector.  Kim Jordon, from New Belgium which has 100 percent of the company’s energy coming from solar power will be a speaker at ACG’s December 6th, 2011 luncheon.  For more information, visit;

More social enterprise opportunities can be found at the following websites:

  2. TiE is a global network with a commitment to changing the world, (
  3. Colorado Gives Day- Tuesday, December 6th, 2011, ( Website offers a chance to give to nonprofits.
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