Lew Cramer: Go Global, Go Big, or Go Out of Business.

Lew Cramer, president and chief executive officer of the World Trade Center Utahknows that if you are not internationally minded, you will go out Lew Cramer

of business.  Lew Cramer knows this from his extensive background in exporting which includes;

  1. Director general of the U.S. Commercial Service; directing the activities of 1,400 commercial officers at over 150 embassies worldwide, as well as in 65 offices throughout the United States,
  2. US WEST International developing major telecommunications projects in 30 plus countries,
  3. White House Fellow, as a Deputy Assistant Commerce Secretary, and as the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for International Trade,
  4. Practiced corporate law in Los Angeles and in the San Francisco Bay area,
  5. Taught at the business schools of the University of Southern California and Georgetown University,
  6. Honors graduate of the charter class of the Brigham Young University Law School.

Utah has doubled exports over the past five years, and World Trade Center Utah played a key role in making that happen.  There are a number of ways they have accomplished this such as applying for grants, hosting events, pushing exporting, etc.  Collaboration is one method the World Trade Center Utah boosts exporting.  WTC-Utah collaborates with the U.S. Department of Commerce, business chambers, universities, economic development agencies, and business.  Collaboration is one of Utah’s strengths.  World Trade Center Utah believes in building with what you got so to get the word out that they successfully assist companies in growing businesses by means of exporting they do by connecting and building partnerships.

The World Trade Center Utah provides businesses with resources and tools and through exporting create profits and jobs by expanding businesses into new territories.

The World Trade Center Utah emphasizes international exporting is not that hard and once you learn it, it’s easy.  An attitude of “we can export” makes a difference.  C-level executives must set that tone.  Businesses must be global.  Exporting is not all about outsourcing but selling American made products/services to another country.

The World Trade Center Utah’s #1 export is metals for example gold and cooper.  China is the near west to Utah and so China is their #2 location to export to.

For more information, visit; www.wtcut.com.

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