The Global Forefront of the New Energy Economy

Engines & Energy Conversion Lab Colorado is at the global forefront of the new energy economy.  Foreign delegates visit the National Renewable Energy Lab and Engines & Energy Conversion Laboratory to see cutting edge energy development.  Creating collaborative agreements develops relationships between Colorado organizations and foreign delegates.  Brian Wilson with EECL develops energy solutions for engines, smart grids, smart businesses and biofuels.  Through research to producing products EECL makes impacts on the environment for example developing pipeline technology.  This technology’s impact is the equivalent to 120 million automobiles removed from the highway.  The Envirofit program at EECL has produced 350,000 cook stoves which has improved the lives of two million people.  Business and other organizations can partner with EECL and Envirofit by visiting






National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Boosting the demand for clean energy through engaging firms in forums to build partnerships is one focus of NREL.  Partnership activities include multilateral and bilateral partnerships, climate and environmental initiatives and energy assessments. Five barriers to clean energy are policy, new energy technology implementation, standardizing, reducing costs and infrastructure.  NREL works with several entities to solve these issues.  To inquire about partnerships contact the tech transfer office, at:

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