Vic Ahmed

Vic Ahmed Plug and Play Colorado  

Plug and Play Tech incubator will open in November 2011 in Colorado.  It is the first branch opening outside Silicon Valley in the nation.  Plug and Play Tech incubator also has three international locations. Vic Ahmed, CEO of Plug and Play incubator in Colorado is well versed in growth challenges and exiting companies once successful.  He has experienced the gamut of being an entrepreneur.  He offered advice to young and young at heart entrepreneurs.

Find mentors to avoid obvious mistakes.

If you fall on your face, GET BACK UP!

Ahmed relates entrepreneurship to swimming.  Practicing strokes outside the pool doesn’t teach you to swim.  You have to get into the pool and into the water to learn.  Being an entrepreneur is just like that.  Taking the first step is always the toughest.   And the spirit of becoming an entrepreneur is contagious which makes Plug and Play a hot spot for innovation.

Ahmed collaborated with university students in researching best practices for incubators and discovered Saeed Amidi’s first Plug and Play in the Silicon Valley.  Plug and Play provides access to financing, partners, mentors, networks and ecosystems for collaboration.  Individuals in software, social media, clean tech, gaming, animation and video are encouraged to contact Ahmed for both on-site and virtual opportunities at

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