Kristin Tarr and Tammy Fernandez engaging in Community and Business Partnerships.

Tammy Fernandez Community and business partnerships are results of corporate values and social responsibility in action.  To form a partnership first look into your company’s core values and strategy, and then research other entities with the same vision to form opportunities.  Set goals with measurable outcomes such as, count hours volunteered, public relation analyses within Facebook or a website, and increased partnership opportunities.  Most importantly tell about these partnerships in social media, press releases, and through internal and external company webpages.  By measuring success of a project future profits can be determined.

Kristin Tarr asks for a call to action and speak-out.  To get involved in helping your community or if you have a story of involvement to inspire others, visit: Business Service Corps on Facebook or  Ms. Tarr is co-founder and managing partner of the Business Service Corps where the motto is working together brings the highest level of efficiency.

Tammy Fernandez is executive director of community investment at the University of Phoenix.  The University of Phoenix has 260 locations nationally in 41 states.  In 2011 the University of Phoenix adopted corporate social responsibility in education to help the community.  This lead to the Points of Light project in Atlanta, Georgia and next year they will focus on internal and external social responsibility communication to complete more projects.

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