Google Plus Coming Out Strong

Despite the shortcomings of Google Wave and Buzz, Google plus has hit a home run in my book.

Google Plus (G+) is a unique social media/social graph platform that has combined features of Facebook, Skype, and Twitter all into one. It integrates into your Google toolbar.  It is integrated with your gmail.  It's no surprise that this has been the most well received and well anticipated social media site to date.

Now, who are the big boys on G+?  Click the link below to see who the most followed people are in this brave new online world.
Google+ Statistics on

See the Top 100 most popular Google+ users and add yourself to the list. Best way to get more followers...

Below is a screen shot that shows a list of friends.  The friends can then be dragged into a G+ feature called circles by the G+ user.

Think of it as Twitter lists but faster, better, and way more fun.  The end result is that it allows you to interact with your circles of friends, acquaintances, coworkers, and any other group as you wish.

Want to share pics of the raging keg party with your friends and not let your boss see?  No problem!  Want to share cheezy pics of your valentine day dinner with your spouse and no one else?  Simple.

With so much going on, it is easy to become overwhelmed and lost in this feature rich online toy.  Although adoption has been overall well received, many are feeling the affects of sensory overload.

Many users are still lost on how to best utilize the platform and how it's different from Twitter and Facebook.  After scouring the web I found a really good write up that gives 50 quick bullets to aid in your understanding.

Moral of the story?  G+ is here to stay.  Ask for an invite, give it a whirl, and let me know what you think.

Eli Regalado
ICOSA Magazine
Director of Social Outreach