Good Company Convergence with Laurie Bassi

Laurie Bassi  

Laurie Bassi lead author of Good Company, takes an in-depth look into the worthiness era.  The worthiness era is a convergence of economic, social and political forces requiring companies to be better employers, sellers and stewards of community and environment in order to make more profits.

Good Company systematically compiled information on the Fortune 100 and dispersed grades; A through F.  Good company index focuses on going beyond social responsibility.  Companies who use their core capabilities to make contributions to community and society are good companies such as Disney and FedEx who earned A’s.

Consumers require and buy more from a good company so the good guys make more money than the bad guys.  At the micro level power shifts show technology fueled people power which forces companies to be better.  To be good a company must be simultaneously caring, exacting and inspiring for example boards of directors should be involved and know about all levels in a company.

Go to to see into that which is normally blocked and discover employee reviews about what it is like to work in 100,000 companies.  Salaries and interview processes are shared.  Also, shows consumer experiences on 4000 companies.

Book signing:

November 15th


Barnes and Noble Downtown Denver

Also available at, Barnes and Noble, and Berrett Koehler Publishers

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