Cathey McClain Finlon’s Career Lessons

Cathey McClain Finlon  

Determine if a company’s mission matches your vision and values.  Early in her career Cathey McClain Finlon did just that.

Finlon’s expertise in matching vision and values is found in reviewing the following:



  1. “For things to change, I have to change.” In growing the McClain Finlon advertising agency to Ad Age Top 100 U.S. agencies responsibilities were given to those who were trained.  It is a challenge to give up things to other people as a company grows.
  2. Spend time working with industry and community boards to build skills and let those skills flow into the company, (Finlon spent 30 percent of her time on boards).
  3. Mentors pick you, and you earn their mentorship.  People who identify themselves as serious doers are chosen to be mentored.  “Show me your friends and I will show you, you,” Finlon.
  4.  Unbalanced work and home make life rich and full.  Unbalance is fun and intense which can allow you to achieve more.
  5. Work harder than the next person, leave no rock unturned.
  6. Check fear at the gate; don’t let it run your business.
  7. Run, don’t walk from bad work situations.
  8. Be optimistic.
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