BranchOut opens avenues in job matching.  They are about connecting people with career opportunities.  With three million job posts and 20,000 internship opportunities it is no wonder that there are 1 million users on BranchOut.  80 percent of jobs are found through connections within networks.  BranchOut is a network within a network for job seekers and recruiters.  It’s all about whom you know and who knows you.  November 11th is Veterans Day and BranchOut will has tools to translate military jobs skills into civilian job skills.  BranchOut also provides networking, referrals for hiring, sales leads and collaborative partners.  Being a network within Facebook allows the tapping into friends and friends of friend’s networks making degrees of separation to a job less degrees away.  Facebook has 800 million users so BranchOut’s networking possibilities are stunning.  The products BranchOut provides to sales and recruiters are: 1. Job posting; 2. Career connect and; 3. Recruiter connect.  Some users have found their ideal job, higher paying jobs, and leverage in having their network.  For more information, visit:

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