Jennifer and Jean Spencer


Agloves® is a patent-pending winter touchscreen glove company based in Boulder, Colorado which currently employs seven streamlined employees.  The remarkable founders are Jean and Jennifer Spencer.  Together they developed gloves with a silver (Ag) element which is a conductor for the bio-electricity that comes from ones fingers which is needed to activate a touch screen.  The origin of Agloves derives from the element symbol for silver―Ag, (Agloves).

Through connecting with the technology industry such as the Boulder Open Coffee Club, Agloves launched within months and by the second month of business were selling Agloves internationally.  Jean Spencer attributes four elements to success; 1. Analyze the market beyond the obvious demographic, 2. Establish who is going to pay for it, 3. Consider manufacturing locations, 4. Utilize social media such as LinkedIn to find industry peers and ask for best practices.  International business comes with challenges such as customs, duties, and exporting.  One essential to customer care is considering the most efficient method to ship product to customer.  In researching for a method Agloves found that having multiple manufacturers and warehouses internationally has value.

IFA, Consumer Electronics Unlimited hosts the world’s largest trade show for consumer electronics and the results from Agloves attendance is that it opened up 11 countries to sell in.  Agloves also partners with the U.S. Air force, and the U.S. Army to provide Agloves to all solders.

An important social media element is Twitter since 6% of sales generate from that effort.  Agloves shared social media guidelines they follow; 1. Be human on the web, share things that are of interest, funny and respond to questions, 2. Learn to use Twitter, and 3. Be photo happy.

Agloves goals are to; 1. Build buzz, 2. Establish the brand, and 3. Expand to niche markets.

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