Boyer's Coffee


Boyer’s Coffee was established in Colorado, 1965.  The unique flavor comes from being grown and roasted in high altitude.  The environment coffee is roasted in attributes to the flavor for example the humidity and batch size roasted.  Boyer’s Coffees can be found at these supermarkets throughout Colorado: Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, King Soopers, City Market and Albertsons.  And online Boyer’s ships coffee around the world.  Boyer’s sustainable practices focus on consumers, company and environment.  Boyer’s only roasts the finest hand-selected Arabica beans.  Environmentally Boyer’s found a way to re-use coffee chaff which is used to make wood starters, compost and bedding.  They have also implemented a packaging system which saves 450,000 boxes a year.  Boyer’s headquarters is a remolded school house made into a coffee bar.  Uniquely they found a 1920’s wood gymnasium floor and repurposed it for their coffee bar area.  They provide a free meeting space to the community which is available to anyone.  To learn more, call: 303-289-3345 or visit:


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