The U.S. Department of Commerce and Frederick Exports

Martha Butwin and Zach Frederick  

Martha Butwin, Senior International Trade Specialist at the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Denver Export Assistance Center facilitates exporting goods and services for a variety of companies.  The Gold Key Service program (starting at $700) serves as a starting point for companies working towards exporting.  The International Partner Search (starting at $550) pairs companies who are potential partners.  Each program starts with questioners to determine a match.  An international company profile is prepared to reduce the amount of scammers.

Butwin recalls the high point in her career as working with partners, Project C.U.R.E. and CAP World Wide to provide not only medical supplies but life supplies to Afghanistan people.  To view the video “From Colorado to Kabul”, visit:

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Zach Frederick, founder of Frederick Export, an export management company attributes five practices for sustainable success: 1. Management must buy into exporting, 2. Global pricing parody, 3. Knowing industry contacts, and 4. register your trademarks in every country you export to is vital, (as company control can be lost to a distributor), 5. Qualify the leads.

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