THE PARADIGM PROJECT― Sustainable Development and L3C Social Enterprise

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A group of talented, passionate people who want to use “Paradigm” as a vehicle for connecting commercial markets in Europe and America with developing world communities in such a way that makes drastic impact on people and the environment in a sustainable way.

The Paradigm Project’s Greg Spencer has a passion for Africa and leveraging the valuable carbon market to nonprofits and communities.  “Commercial business concepts applied to nonprofits are key to successful development work,” according to Spencer.  Carbon offset projects are typically planting trees, water efficiency based, and prevention of overharvesting and deforestation whereas cook stoves increase social benefits by enabling financial redistribution, time, and increase health creating a more sustainable lifestyle.


28,973 stoves sold 52,000 trees saved 14,000 tons of carbon avoided 1 million+ hours of time saved


Collaboration between investors, donors and communities such as the Clinton Global Initiative, Global Alliance for Clean Cook Stoves, World Vision, Food for the Hungry, and Compassion International brings these stoves to communities for $40.00 per stove.  These stoves release 60% less toxins and 50% less wood is needed equaling cleaner combustion and fuel efficiency.

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