Mommy Has Lots To Do

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Mommy Has Lots To Do


Mommy Has Lots To Do is a whimsical children’s book written for toddlers and preschool children, but long before it was penned and illustrated into a childhood favorite, “Mommy has lots to do” was an overused phrase in one suburban Denver household.   Best-selling author and host of a local Denver business-talk radio show, Angel Tuccy wrote the first draft of Mommy Has Lots To Do while her youngest of three children was an infant and she felt that her days were filled with non-stop chores and endless demands from her beautiful, yet busy family.    After being filed away for 13 years, the book was still in need of an illustrator. Tuccy’s daughter, Alycia Tuccy, now 17 years old, raised her hand for the job. “I was the most logical illustrator for this project,” said Alycia, “because I can remember exactly what our household was like when my mom wrote the first draft. I was the only one who could accurately recall what the emotion was around our house — and I love to draw.”

Alycia's drawings are the key to the overall spirit of the book. She has completely captured what it was like for her when she was four years old, even depicting her Daddy with a full head of hair and the large glasses that were popular for the time.   The book offers children a loving glimpse into why Mommy stays so busy.  Every day, all day long, Mommy has lots to do. No matter how well she organizes, or how far in advance she plans, there is always more for Mommy to do. Far beyond being an entrepreneur, Tuccy discovered that being a mom was the most rewarding and the most demanding job in the world. 

“It takes more than a village to raise a child,” said Tuccy. “And most days, our village is run by one very busy and very tired person: Mommy. Even with all the help of other family members and the collaboration of childcare providers, grandparents, neighbors and other siblings, there is no shortage of all that Mommy has to do.”

Mommy Has Lots To Do was the first book that Tuccy has written, fulfilling a passion that she would someday become an author. But, she put that dream on the back burner while she pursued an entrepreneurial career and raised her family. Today, she has authored six books, three of which have become bestsellers.

Even though she works full-time writing, speaking, consulting and hosting the popular Experience Pros Radio Show on AM 560 KLZ, Angel still considers herself to be a full-time mom.  As often as possible, she makes it a point to be home before all three of her teenaged children return from school and she attends all of their band concerts and extra-curricular activities.

When her peers and clients inevitably remark with wonder at how she accomplishes so much given the same 24 hours that they have, Angel’s reply is always the same…“Mommy has lots to do.” Mommy Has Lots To Do may be purchased through