Tree Planting

By:Annette Perez Issue: Biennial of the Americas 2010 Section:City Exhibitions and Special Events Tree-Planting A Peace Tree Planting Ceremony was held at the Denver Botanic Gardens in conjunction with the Former Heads of State and the Organization of American States. The shovels to dig the holes came from the McNichols exhibit Palas por Pistolas (Pistols for Shovels). After the ceremony, guests attended a private reception at the home of Liberty Global’s Michael and Amber Fries.

During his remarks, Mayor Hickenlooper said, "Other cities like Los Angeles and New York have heard about what is happening here and have called me wondering why they don't have these amazing events in their cities. To them my answer is simple... It is in Denver, because Denver is Denver. Only the great people of Denver have what it takes to put an event like this together."