Tape and Bum Bum Bees

By:Gayle Dendinger Issue: Collaborative Women Section:Inspiration Visit-Denver As a businessman I have the opportunity to meet successful and spirited women regularly. So, it is without a doubt that I am humbled by the stories and the ingenuity of the women within the pages of this issue. It is my hope that by telling the stories of their achievements and accomplishments we can inspire others and show how will and determination plays a big role in business and social endeavors.

When I envisioned what this issue would look like I thought immediately of my granddaughter Nikka. Unlike the women chronicled within, Nikka has been unexposed to the world. Her face and smile are representative of a child who is still a pure and unblemished soul—that has not experienced sadness or tribulation. She will one day have the power to create change and see it through. Already, at the age of two, she is the world’s best sales person.

Like most parents and grandparents, I can’t help but be amazed at how she used sign language as a baby to communicate with her parents, can now recite all of her A, B, C’s and can accurately point out and describe a vast amount of products. I am even more amazed at her uncanny ability to assert herself in situations where she likes and dislikes the outcome.

Recently, Nikka has become fascinated with anything that sticks; stickers, tape, post-its, produce stickers, labels. She takes whatever it may be and sticks it right on her mouth. She searches for anything and everything sticky and she is relentless in her quest. One evening Nikka was requesting tape from her mom. Because it was getting late, she told Nikka they were out of tape. Defeated but still hopeful, Nikka responded, “Get some from store?” More than a day later on their way to Montessori school, my daughter told Nikka that she was headed to the store and asked if she would like anything. Nikka sat quietly, thought to herself, turned to her mother and with clear recollection and a matter of fact tone she said, “Umm, tape.”

I am already astounded at her memory and her determination. Both of her parents are extremely articulate, smart, driven and encourage her to think and respond to clearly illustrate her position in a situation. During my last visit with Nikka she was adamant she was not going to go down her slide because what she thought was lying there on it was a “bum bum bee”. “No slide, no bum bum bee.” And although she communicates with minimum words it is clear what she is trying to say.

Visit-Denver She is constantly surrounded by family who support, instruct, and enjoy her. She is not only part of our future she will become part of yours. She is the next generation of children that we can inspire through our ICOSA topics and the connections and collaborations we’ve forged. The path we start for children like her can help to make their futures bigger, better and brighter.

We connect and collaborate because we can, to set a precedent and leave a legacy for the generations of the future. We want our neighbors of today and our neighbors of tomorrow to acquire a mentality that desires to create good and be responsible while sharing the stories of those who came before them—which will ensure these children’s eventual success.

So, while Nikka is only two years old she epitomizes the up and coming generation of children who will take the stage and build on the work that we’ve already established for them. ICOSA, along with all of our contributors, believe that if we all work together collaboratively and share key connections, we can make the world a better place for ourselves and our children.