Mutek Perspectives

By:Allison Mendes Issue: La Bienal de las Américas 2010 Section:City Exhibitions and Special Events

Murcof + Moleculagem and Mossa


MUTEK is known for presenting avant-garde audiovisual arts. The performance featured artists from opposite ends of the spectrum — the meditative, trance inducing light performance of Murcof + Moleclagem and the interactive, dance club atmosphere of Mossa.

Murcof + Moleclagem combined a collective of Brazilian artists with a background in video and music production and the modern, spiritual compositions of Murcof who used technology to create suites of music resulting in an otherworldly, futuristic experience. Montreal artist Mossa is a classically trained musician turned DJ with a passion for deconstructing music into electronic compositions. This exciting combination of visual and audio led to a seemingly spontaneous dance party on the third floor of the historic McNichols building.