Meet Heidi A. Heltzel

By: Jan Mazotti Issue: Collaborative Women Section:Advisory Board

Executive Director, American Transplant Foundation

heidi-heltzel As Co-Founder and Executive Director of the American Transplant Foundation, Heidi A. Heltzel is a visionary who leads the organization by launching educational and outreach programs, directing fund raising efforts, and coordinating collaborative efforts with organizations throughout the community to ensure that the Foundation fulfills its mission to reduce the growing list of men, women and children who are waiting for lifesaving transplants.

Ms. Heltzel was previously the Vice President of Governmental Affairs at the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry (CACI), the State Chamber of Commerce. CACI advocates free enterprise through a public policy agenda that works towards a prosperous business climate in Colorado. Her lobby experience touched on a broad range of legislative and regulatory aspects of business operations, including tax, technology, environment and education.

Ms. Heltzel gained visibility in the policy arena as CACI's spokesperson for the Colorado business community at the State legislature. In addition to her policy work, she also directed CACI's political action committee, the Colorado Public Affairs Council.

Prior to her policy leadership at CACI, Ms. Heltzel was well regarded as a policy analyst at the Office of the Legislative Council, which is the nonpartisan research arm of the Colorado General Assembly.

Ms. Heltzel’s community involvement has included serving on a number of Board committees including Parent Pathways, the Curious Theatre Company, and the University Club.